Food Safety

Food Safety is the ultimate aim of everything done at Safe Food Detector. All of over activities are aimed toward developing a high technology device which will guarantee our customers’ and the customers of our costumers health and safety in real time testing environment

Contribute to the Community

At Safe food Detector we are committed to our community where we live, work or study.

With the strong community values of Safe Food Detector, we are honored to support community initiatives such as food banks, local homeless shelters and kitchens, and children’s outreach programs.

It pays you back!

Our food safety device is affordable for every food serving facility in a variety of sizes. Using our devices guarantee your customers’ trust and attract more revenue to your business.

High Technology

The SafeFoodDetector food testing device is developed by using the Company’s innovative lab-on-a-chip technology. A lab-on-a-chip is a miniaturized device that integrates into a single chip one or several analyses which are usually performed in a laboratory, such as DNA sequencing or biochemical detection. The advantages of using these lab-on-a-chip devices include significantly reduced sample size, shorter reaction and analysis time, high throughput, automation, and portability.

Safe Food Detector Device

Everyone can get Safe food

Safe Food Detector device is based on an innovative lab-on-a-chip technology that enable the device to be used at home as well as in commercial kitchens and food manufacturing factories. The device have a washable, non-disposable probe that is used to collect data for food testing. The device combines several different types of probes to gather more data from the food sample. The data is interpreted by the CPU and converted into light or sound signals.

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